Their Look... Inside

Happy almost Valentine's Day beautiful people !

As I reflect on the year I find myself grateful for many beautiful gifts... whether they have come out of struggle, pride, heartbreak, loss or unbelievable joy.  I would like to focus on one gift that has been a constant reminder in my life of what a simple shift in perspective can do for ones body, mind, soul and overall outlook on life.  This gift is the incredibly beautiful women in my life.  Whether it be personal or professional relationships... they continue to turn my eyes outward and upward.  If I relied on my own perspective or filters all the time I would be a narcissistic, self loathing, hot mess of a woman... and that is not pretty one itty bitty bit.  

I sent out a bat call to some of these ladies to share a bit of their perspective or definition of what they believe real beauty to be and how it has shaped and continues to shape them as women... these featured graciously agreed to participate.  Click on their names to learn more about who they are and what they are about.  My hope is you will be inspired, motivated and blessed by another woman's idea of what real beauty means in their life and what it could possibly mean in yours as we celebrate the beginning of a New Year as well as the honored day of LOVE.  Let's be honest, everyday needs to be a day of love, or at least a futile attempt at it.  One of my favorite quotes by Mother Teresa, who in my opinion, epitomized true love, is " Spread LOVE wherever you go.  Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. "  I want to be her friend.  #beautygoals

Beauty is...

" Being beautiful means that you find your joy from within and your happiness from your friends and family.  It means that the mirror doesn't determine your self worth."  Jamie Jo Braner

" Honestly, I feel beauty is ever changing.  For me, right now, being beautiful means feeling strong, physically and emotionally.  Not unshatteringly strong, but alive and vibrant.  So, simply put, being beautiful means feeling vibrant and alive."  Jessica Elliot

" In this season I'm learning to dance with myself more freely everyday as my spirit learns more about how to inhabit this body.  One presses on pulls, one fails, one succeeds, and all becomes a syncopated rhythm of chaos and beauty and creation. "  Lori Fox

" It means eluding joy and kindness."   Barb Steinberg

" Beautiful is the confidence to be who you are as a woman and not who you think you should be.  God has masterfully created us all different, and embracing that is so beautiful."   Jamie Ivey

" At this time in my life, being beautiful, for myself, means doing everything I can and being everything I can to make my husband happy and peaceful, as well as providing wonderful life experiences for the four dearest souls on earth - my grandchildren.  I want them to know me right now as, and to one day have memories of me as a kind, loving and beautiful soul." 
Paula Carpenter

" I truly think that true beauty comes from within.  I've seen outward beauty many, many times but it fades and it goes no where other than the surface.  Generally, it is not their doing, it was given to them.  Inward beauty is something that lasts, something that sustains, something that changes the outside appearance, something that makes you feel younger and look younger but most of all, inward beauty is not given, it's a choice."   Suzette Munson

" No matter what I've looked like on the outside at different points in my life, I've felt the most beautiful when I'm true to myself and just be that woman... Not the one I think people are expecting me to be."   Tracy Wade

" Beauty is stepping into the inconvenient and uncharted and lovingly doing the unexpected, uncomfortable, or unfamiliar for a sister, mother, daughter, aunt, niece, neighbor or friend,  If you can't do that then a good brow pencil, mascara, a dash of concealer and a swipe of illuminating tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier make for a beauty in a pinch. "  Dana Vick 

" When I was in college I met my best friends.  They are some of the most beautiful women I've ever known and their love and acceptance of me ignited a light in my heart and an understanding of true beauty.  Their beauty was largely from their love of God and devotion to Him.  This totally impacted my life and encouraged me to deepen my own relationship with God..which has been the main way I continue to evaluate my own beauty... and that's mostly the beauty of the heart."   Kirsten Dickerson

" Beautiful , to me, is the state of being accepted.  Having just moved to Thailand, beauty standards here are wildly different than the U.S. ... women wear big eye contacts and bows and even fake braces to appear younger and baby-doll cute.  Let's say that this is not a good look for me.  It is becoming easier for me to look Thai and American beauty standards square in the face and say, you are arbitrary and meaningless.  Really, when I want to look beautiful, I am wanting to be safe and loved.  There are days when YSL mascara helps me feel more powerful and there are days when a bare face does the trick.  Beauty is personal.  And thank God it is, because otherwise I would look like an overgrown baby doll if I tried to define myself by my current surroundings. " 
Constance Dykuisen

I hope you are inspired and motivated to be more beautiful today and each day that follows... thanks for letting me share... Their Look Inside with you!

Now onto the important things...

Daily Dose of Inner Beauty

Beauty comes in all forms... a great skin care routine, vitamins, sunscreen, teeth's caffeine for me.  GAME CHANGER.  Coffee is my mouth wash. ( New Year's resolution, whiten teeth. )  It pretty much makes me Mother Teresa incarnate.  A great cup of coffee could possibly trump lipstick on any given day.  I wouldn't go as far to say mascara or concealer.  Here are a few of these ladies favorite places to get lit in their city... If you are there...stop in! 

Cafe Medeci / Austin

Davis Street Espresso / Dallas

Jo's / Austin

Houndstooth / Austin

Clint's Bakery and Coffee Shop / Breckenridge

Rocket Coffeebar / Bangkok

Peace and Joy,