Kai Schwedland's Look... Inside

Yes my last post was in 2016... and it was the second.  I am very consistent.  I recently took the Enneagram test and I was a 9 and 4... 9 winning by 1 point.  What this means is the inconsistency in this blog is not surprising in the least.  It also means that I am not motivated to start a podcast in any way shape or form.  I do realize that is the way to go and people now make fun of people that blog... I choose to stay in the early 2000's, though I have discontinued use of the Swarovski crystal bracelet arm party, continue to blog annually and feel no shame.  Moving on.

I recently interviewed my 12 year old daughter , Kai, on what her definition of beauty was.  Her perspective was refreshing and funny.  She was slightly put out, rolled her eyes a few times and asked me multiple times if that was the last question.  She is , by definition, a true artist.  She feels big, creates big and loves even bigger.  Her heart for her friends blows me away... she is loyal, kind, sensitive to the core, compassionate and so unbelievably creative it takes my breath away.  Her journey is her own and I know she has been created for a unique purpose and her giftings will be used in a beautiful way... ( insert 1 billion more attributes a proud mom can pour over her child on social media ) ...so here is my very scattered, very short, all over the place, interview/conversation in the car with my daughter on beauty and other random things... 

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Psalm 139:14                              2017 Photo by: Tracy Wade

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Psalm 139:14                            

2017 Photo by: Tracy Wade


Her Look

Kai is wearing no makeup whatsoever.  She is 11 and doesn't need a lick.  Please do not tell her otherwise.  The only things she never leaves the house without is her sketchbook and  fancy markers.   

Kai's Look Inside

HLI:  Hey ... may I ask you a few questions? 

KS:  Maybe 

HLI:  Well, I was being polite.  I am going to need you to answer some questions for me. 


HLI:  When you hear the word " beautiful " what immediately comes to mind?

KS:  Well, two different things.  Inner beauty and outer beauty, like being pretty and stuff. 

HLI:  What about inner beauty?

KS:  Inner beauty is being kind, sweet, loving God and friends and helping animals. 

HLI:  I agree, those qualities are so beautiful.  What about outer beauty?  You said " pretty" earlier.  What does that look like to you?

KS:  Freckles, blue eyes and braces.  I think braces are really cute.

HLI:  I couldn't agree more.  You will be so cute in the braces you get in about a year or so.  Dreams come true baby girl.  What do you enjoy doing the most?  That makes you feel really good about yourself?

KS:  Art

HLI:  What other things?

KS:  playing with animals and helping animals

HLI:  What are your dogs names?

KS:  Gizmo and Sweetie Pie.  Why are you asking me this?  You know their names.

HLI:  I know but other people don't.  Where did you get them?

KS:  Austin Pet's Alive.  We adopted them.  Gizmo is an ugly dog.  I wanted him because nobody else wants ugly dogs. I think he is really cute though. 

HLI:  Gizmo has grown on me... Speaking of art, what is your favorite color?

KS:  Blue

HLI:  How does it make you feel?

KS:  Happy and calm.

HLI:  Is there a color that makes you feel sad? 

KS:  Yes, dark grey and black, like all your clothes. 

HLI:  Ahahahahaha. Does color in my lipstick count?  

KS:  No.

HLI:  What is something you have done lately that was really hard but you got through it?

KS:  This interview... just kidding...MATH!!!!

HLI:  I feel you.  I still carry my one's on receipts.  What is something you have done lately that made you feel confident and proud?

KS:  Art.

HLI:  I am sooooo proud of your art.  I am also so equally proud of how hard you work at Math!   One is definitely more fun that the other though.  I get that.  Do you think a 12 year old can make the world a more beautiful place?

KS:  Yes. Of course.  

HLI:  What are some examples?

KS:  You are making my head hurt with all these questions.  Please stop asking me. 

HLI:  Ahahahahaha.  Ok.  Ok.  Thanks for entertaining Mommy for a bit.  I always love what you have to share.  

KS.  Are we done?  Will you take me to Michaels so I can get some stuff?  

HLI:  Yes we are done.  What do you need?

KS:  I don't know yet. 

HLI:  No but I will take you to Patika because Mommy needs a coffee. 

I pray you always walk in the assigned worth God has given you... Mama loves you!   2017 Photo by Tracy Wade

I pray you always walk in the assigned worth God has given you... Mama loves you! 

2017 Photo by Tracy Wade


Daily Dose of Inner Beauty

HLI:  Hey Kai.  You know how Mommy has a hard time talking in the morning before I have at least one cup of coffee?

KS:  Oh my gosh, yes. 

HLI:  Do you have something like that? 

KS:  No.

HLI:  That's actually really good.  I am going to start over.  Where is your favorite place in Austin to get a treat or a " boost " as mommy refers to her coffee?  I ask most my interviewees this question but specifically about where to get a good cup of coffee in their city.  I refer to caffeine as my fountain of youth or cup of personality... and it makes me happy. 

KS:  There is no such thing as the fountain of youth. 

HLI:  You are absolutely right. We should let people know.  I think some people are still looking... back to your favorite place? 

KS:  My favorite places are Toy Joy, Yummi Joy and Lick .  Toy Joy has really cool, unique, hard to find, toys.  Yummi Joy is right next door and has a lot of Japanese candy which is really cool.  Lick is ice cream.  I like caramel salt lick the best.

Normally this is where I would insert links to where you can follow Kai on social media ... but Kai is not on social  media yet.  Feel free to just blow up my comments or instagram on how great you think she is. 

Sincerely though,  I hope you are inspired to be more beautiful today and each day that follows as  I share...Her Look Inside. 

Peace + Joy,

Tiffany Schwedland