Photo courtesy of @bloomaustin

Photo courtesy of @bloomaustin

You know what's sort of funny? 

I do use other beauty care products than just Beautycounter even though I have partnered with them in promoting their line of Safe Skincare + Clean Cosmetics.  Why did I choose to partner with them?  I truly believe they are creating some of the best products on the market while also lobbying for more regulation from the FDA in terms of what goes in our beauty care products.  I will ALWAYS share my favorite brands, my favorite coffee and of course a good laugh with you!  The criteria for what I share though will be that the brands are holding themselves to the very highest standards in regards to choosing formulations and ingredients that are not harmful to you or your families health...or the people that made it!  I am an advocate of clean beauty and slowly switching out  my health and beauty products, as well as my families.  It doesn't happen overnight and can feel quite overwhelming.  Start with what you know and move forward.  Start with just one thing.  We aren't perfect and won't ever be.  I will always order fries with my nuggets, not the fruit cup.  Would you like a side of marinara with those pizza rolls?  No thank you, I'll have ranch.  Would you like unsweetened almond milk in your coffee?  Nope, I'll have heavy whipping cream please.  Red wine is, and always will be, a staple in my diet.  Just let me live.  I am not a purist and won't ever be because I will fail... miserably.  We do the best we can with what we know...and when we know better we do better...and better isn't perfect.  It's just better... and that's good enough for right now. 

Below are some fantastic beauty brands that are doing better...way better!  Check them out.  They are creating luxury beauty care products, jewelry, fashion, home goods, cleaning products and much more... while also prioritzing your health and safety as well as those that are making it! 


 goop by Juice Beauty  

Tata Harper 

 RMS Beauty 

Ursa Major

True Botanicals


Raven + Lily